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As technology continues to advance, so do the potential threats to your network. To safeguard your infrastructure, it's crucial to anticipate and prepare for these risks. However, determining which investments are worthwhile for your cybersecurity strategy and identifying the most pressing risks can be challenging.

As the world of technology continues to evolve, so do the potential threats to your network. To stay ahead of the game, it's crucial to anticipate and prepare for these risks. In this post, we'll be shedding light on the top three risks to watch out for in 2023, as highlighted and aggregated by industry experts such as Deloitte, the IDC, and Forbes.

Data compromisation

As the digital landscape continues to expand, so does the potential for data theft and abuse by external parties. It's crucial to implement preventative measures to protect your network and maintain your organization's brand reputation and trust. This is particularly important given that Mulesoft reports that over 72% of customer engagements and relationships occur digitally, leaving endless streams of sensitive user data vulnerable. Adopting a customized and comprehensive security approach is necessary to mitigate your risk without compromising your network's reach.

Supply chain limitations

The global supply chain isn't the only industry affected by recent world events. According to Deloitte, the components of smart devices have a strong interdependence with business operations and services. Thus, a failure in one area could lead to a failure in the other, regardless of whether it's due to third-party compromisation or economic instability. To mitigate this risk, it's crucial to adopt a domestic or "local" sourcing strategy to minimize potential roadblocks and ensure a smoother operation.

Writing note showing Hacking Detected. Business photo showcasing activities that seek to compromise affairs are exposed.

Algorithmic compromisation

The power of AI is undeniable, but it comes with a great responsibility. Even the smallest error in an algorithm can have disastrous consequences, impacting not only the output but also the reputation of your brand and the trust of countless end-users. That's why it's crucial to implement anticipatory defense systems and failsafe measures to prevent any compromise and maintain your organization's competence in the global market.

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