Redefining Cybersecurity.

AppGuard Makes Malware Detection Obsolete by Eliminating Cyber Threats Before They Strike!

Built for the Best.

AppGuard offers a unique solution to defeating malware. Unlike traditional detection methods, it stops malware in its tracks by preventing it from executing its malicious intentions.

By adopting a unique approach, AppGuard provides a level of protection that surpasses that of traditional detection-based solutions.

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AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment.

Mark Kelton
Former Deputy Director for Counterintelligence, CIA
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AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.

Robert Bigman
Robert Bigman
CISO, CIA (ret.)
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Get AppGuard in place immediately to prevent endpoint compromises in a true set and forget manner.

Josh Guenther
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Since installing AppGuard in mid-2021, or organization truly has achieved a certain “peace of mind” regarding our cybersecurity

Pam Houg
MN Council of Heath Plans (ret.)
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With AppGuard we’ve hand incident, and now have peace Of mind knowing that our critical infrastructure is secure. AppGuard is a cost-efficient and effective solution.’

Director of IT
Global Law Firm
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I wish AppGuard had been available as part of my armory when I was the Commanding Officer of the MOD’s Cyber Defense Unit.

David Woodbine
MD, Cyber Security Associates & Former Commanding Officer of the MOD’s Cyber Defense Unit
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Dramatically reduced the cost of endpoint security measures

Akihito Wada
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. General Manager, Information Security and Infrastructure Strategy

Prevention from the source.

Traditional pattern matching technologies like AV, EDR, and XDR often fail to stop the latest malware attacks, which is why adding AppGuard to your security stack is crucial.

AppGuard takes a different approach to endpoint protection, blocking malware techniques rather than relying on detection or Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning to guess if something is harmful or not. This unique approach provides better protection and fewer false alerts, all without slowing down endpoints or creating chaos.

With AppGuard, you can effectively block threats that others miss entirely or detect much later, providing unparalleled protection for your endpoints.

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