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A Zero Trust framework is a comprehensive security model that considers both internal and external threats to a network's safety. It is an approach that helps organize and strategize an effective response to counter these threats.

Zero Trust security ensures that data and resources cannot be accessed by default. Only certain information can be accessed by authorized personnel within the network and under specific circumstances. The Zero Trust approach goes beyond just people, as all devices within the network must also be authenticated and authorized to function.

Why is this so important?

Traditionally, companies have relied on perimeter security strategies to safeguard their internal networks. However, with the evolution of industries and the rise of hybrid cloud environments, these strategies are no longer sufficient. Perimeter security relies on firewalls and network-based tools to identify and permit users to access the network. But, with the growing number of users accessing networks from remote locations, perimeter security strategies are not enough. They need to be complemented by a comprehensive Zero Trust framework to ensure data and resources are secure.

The global pandemic has led to a significant shift in work patterns, and now, thousands of people are accessing internal networks from their home computers. This has resulted in a substantial global spread of users, resources, and data, making it challenging to connect and secure them quickly. Furthermore, home users do not have the same level of network protection as office users, exacerbating the situation.

The reality is that many companies rely on a disjointed collection of security solutions and tools that are poorly integrated. This approach requires internal security and IT teams to spend considerable time performing manual tasks and cleaning up data, making their jobs even more difficult amidst the recent surge in data breaches. If your organization is searching for ways to improve your network security environment, Zero Trust could be the perfect solution.

Don’t wait to learn more.

Now is the time to seek professional assistance if you’re looking to increase your system’s security. As cybersecurity threats move at light speed, you need a multilayer defense system that works actively to protect your system against data breaches and vulnerabilities. To ensure security and safety of a company’s entire digital infrastructure, Zero Trust methodologies require a layered approach. CHIPS’ solution, AppGuard, uses these three key policies:

  1. OS Segmentation
  2. OS Interaction
  3. Process Execution Flow

Implementing a Zero Trust framework can be a daunting task for any organization, but with the right partner, the end result can be achieved. At CHIPS, we have a deep understanding of Zero Trust methodologies and conduct thorough assessments to ensure your organization is ready before we begin. Our approach ensures your company stays secure through proven Zero Trust methodologies, so let's start today. Head over to our website to discover how AppGuard can enhance your business' productivity and overall function. 

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