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The rise of zero-click exploits has been a growing concern for businesses around the world. Recently, experts have detailed a new zero-click Windows exploit that could cause significant harm to businesses if left unchecked. In this article, we will explore the threat of zero-click exploits and explain how AppGuard can prevent these incidents.What is a Zero-Click Exploit?

A zero-click exploit is a type of cyber-attack that requires no interaction from the user to execute. Unlike traditional exploits that require users to click on a link or download a file, zero-click exploits can be triggered simply by receiving an email or message. These types of exploits are especially dangerous because they can infect devices without any user interaction or awareness.

New Zero-Click Windows Exploit

Recently, experts have detailed a new zero-click Windows exploit that can be triggered by simply opening an email in Outlook. The exploit targets a vulnerability in the way Windows handles icons in emails. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to execute code on a victim's device without any user interaction.

This new exploit is particularly concerning because it can be launched without any user interaction. This means that businesses that rely on Outlook for communication are at risk of being infected without any knowledge of the attack.

Prevent Zero-Click Exploits with AppGuard

AppGuard is a powerful endpoint protection solution that can prevent zero-click exploits like the one detailed above. AppGuard uses patented technology to prevent malware from executing on endpoints, even if the malware is designed to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities.

By deploying AppGuard on your endpoints, you can ensure that your business is protected from zero-click exploits, even if your employees accidentally open an infected email or message.

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