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The threat of ransomware continues to loom large for businesses of all sizes, with attackers constantly finding new ways to evade traditional security measures. The latest example of this is the CACTUS ransomware, which has recently emerged as a particularly concerning threat due to its ability to encrypt itself in order to bypass antivirus detection.According to a recent report by Bleeping Computer, CACTUS ransomware is able to achieve this by using a technique known as "process hollowing," which involves hijacking a legitimate process in order to execute its own code. By doing so, the ransomware is able to blend in with legitimate processes and evade detection by antivirus software.

Based on their investigations, experts at Kroll corporate investigation and risk consulting firm have revealed that CACTUS ransomware gains initial entry into a victim's network by exploiting known vulnerabilities in Fortinet VPN appliances.  The hacker gained entry through known vulnerabilities in Fortinet VPN appliances, pivoting inside from a VPN server with a service account.

This is just the latest reminder that businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional antivirus solutions to protect against ransomware and other advanced threats. Instead, a multi-layered approach to security is needed, which includes solutions such as AppGuard that are specifically designed to prevent attacks like the CACTUS ransomware.

AppGuard's unique approach to security involves isolating individual applications and processes, ensuring that even if one is compromised, the rest of the system remains protected. This makes it an ideal solution for protecting against advanced threats like CACTUS ransomware, which rely on evading traditional antivirus solutions.

If you're a business owner looking to protect your organization against ransomware and other advanced threats, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about how AppGuard can help. With the right security measures in place, you can avoid falling victim to costly and disruptive attacks like the CACTUS ransomware.

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