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The manufacturing industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with the convergence of IoT devices and legacy systems. This has led to increased productivity and innovation, but also heightened security concerns. As a result, it is crucial for manufacturers to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in order to protect their operations and reputation.

According to research conducted by BlackBerry and Make UK, manufacturers are most fearful of several potential outcomes in the event of a cyberattack.

  1. Disruption to operations (65.2%)
    A large number of survey respondents say they are most afraid of a production stoppage. In many cases, stoppages result in the company being unable to function, or functioning at reduced levels.

  2. Damage to reputation with customers/suppliers (42.9%)
    Four-in-ten respondents say they worry about a cyberattack tarnishing the organization’s reputation.

  3. Unauthorized access (29.5%)
    Nearly a third of respondents worry about unauthorized access as part of a cyberattack. This could include access to critical systems or data.

  4. Intellectual property (IP) theft (19.6%)
    One-in-five say they are concerned with IP theft. This includes stealing ideas, copyrights, patents, logos, inventions, client lists, marketing strategies and more.

  5. Collateral damage (14.3%)
    Nearly 15% of survey respondents are concerned about collateral damage from a cyberattack. This can be described as unintentional consequences in the wake of a singular action. For example, failure to deliver products by a required deadline could potentially impact earnings, jobs and trusted relationships.

  6. Impacts on safety (7.1%)
    Some industry decision makers surveyed worry about impacts to safety. This could include damage to equipment or physical risk to their employees.

  7. Impacts on product quality (6.3%)
    Some are concerned that a cyberattack might degrade product quality

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